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Christmas Party - Kid Games and Ideas

Simple Machine Science for Kids: Launching Ping Pong Ball Snowmen by Buggy and Buddy Whenever I  invite my kids to participate in science experiments, my main goal is NOT to make sure they master a set concept, but simply to allow them to explore the activity in their own way. Giving this freedom to children inspires them to make predictions and critically think about the world around them in a pressure-free setting.   We don’t really get snow in our neck of the woods so we have to create our own imaginary snow activities~ like our indoor snowy toy car ramp, or like this activity- launching ping pong ball snowmen!   Materials for Launching Ping Pong Ball Snowmen Ping pong balls (Optional: Draw snowmen faces on the...

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TBOX Chicago 2017 Attempting a World Record Pub Crawl

The annual tradition that truly is like nothing else you've ever witnessed is about to raise the stakes and break some records: Wear your Ugly Christmas Sweater, Suit and "Christmas Vacation" themed getup to the 2017 TBOX Pub Crawl, and be a part of history! The stakes are high, the payoff could be setting the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for MOST PEOPLE ON A PUB CRAWL!  Ticket Prices: Start at $18.99 and 4 Packs are $27.25 Purchase Tickets: TBOX has donated over $250,000 to local charities since 2009, and a portion of each ticket will go to local charities! See below for list of bars! And - EVERYONE DRESSES UP IN COSTUMES - This Year's Theme is Christmas Vacation! Partial List of Participating Bars will include:...

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You Don't Have My Team

We know! We know! Hundreds of you have reached out saying "Hey! What gives? Why don't you have (insert your favorite team here) Ugly Christmas Sweaters?"   And the truth is ...well, we either sold out of them or couldn't get any in stock.  But, we bring you good news this holiday season - we've partnered with FanEdge to get you more access to more teams! Enjoy  Florida Gators Women's Royal Big Logo Ugly Christmas V-Neck Sweater Price: $69.99 Texas A&M Aggies Women's Maroon Big Logo Ugly Christmas V-Neck Sweater Price: $69.99 Alabama Crimson Tide Women's Crimson Big Logo Ugly Christmas V-Neck Sweater Price: $69.99 Auburn Tigers Women's Navy Big Logo Ugly Christmas V-Neck Sweater Price: $69.99 LSU Tigers Women's Purple...

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