Check Out These Food Themed Ugly Sweaters

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s fun to take a break and participate in one of its silliest traditions — the ugly Christmas sweater. Here are a few DIY ideas for sweater creation and planning the perfect event. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a few inexpensive crafting items, fabric glue and a healthy helping of creativity. 

Sweater Ideas 

  • Let It Snow - All over your sweater. Think cotton balls, silvery glitter and wintery scenes.
  • Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer - Had a very shiny nose — right in the middle of your sweater — along with antlers and some really large googly eyes. You can even add a battery-powered red nose that lights up.
  • O Christmas Tree - Some of us still have one of these sweaters in the back of our closets that we actually wore in the ‘80s. You may want to pull out your old Christmas photos for proof. A great big green tree with lots of tiny, dangling ornaments is always a hit.
  • Make a List and Check It Twice - Share some laughs over who makes it on the naughty and nice list displayed on your sweater.
  • Wrap It Up - Be your own present. Use multiple ribbons, ties and even wrapping paper to become the perfect gift.
  • Be Your Own Snow Globe - This can be a great option to go over your sweater without actually having to ruin it for later. All the glittery items needed to create your snow globe can be placed inside a large, clear plastic bag (or even a big plastic container) and then placed over your clothes. 

Send an ugly Christmas sweater party invitation. SAMPLE

  • Jingle All the Way - Make an entrance with a jingle bells sweater that creates some noise and lots of Christmas cheer. 
  • All is Merry and Bright - Light up your sweater with battery-powered twinkling lights — they can be strewn across a Christmas tree shape, a wreath or a welcoming front door.
  • Frosty the Snowman - Cut and glue large circles of white felt or other fluffy cotton material for the body, design some captivating eyes and don’t forget an extra-large carrot-shaped nose. A cozy scarf and top hat will complete the look.
  • Pocket Surprise - Create a sweater with multiple pockets filled with gifts, reindeer and all sorts of Christmas-themed items spilling out of them.
  • It Must Be St. Nick - There are so many ways you can display images of Santa on your sweater — he can appear in a chimney protruding off the shoulder of your sweater or poking out of a fireplace pasted on the front. Since tacky is the name of the game, the sky’s the limit here.
  • Bow Out - Cover your sweater in lots and lots of bows and ribbons in all sizes, shapes and Christmas colors.
  • Go Glitter Crazy - From designs of Christmas trees and gifts to Santa hats, you’ll be surprised at all the possibilities using red, green, gold and silver glitter fabric paint.
  • Couples Sweater Theme - Create a design that takes two, such as the head and tail of a reindeer or Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
  • All in the Family - Craft a design that makes a statement as a whole using words or letters or be a family of elves or snowmen.
  • Let Your Pooch Participate - Matching pet and owner Christmas sweaters never fail to get the big “Aww” response.
  • Christmas Movie Theme - Pattern your sweater off one of your favorite Christmas movies, such as the infamous leg lamp from A Christmas Story.
  • Caught in Christmas - Cut up a stuffed reindeer and stick the arms, legs, head and antlers to the sweater as if it’s actually trapped inside. This works great with other Christmas-themed stuffed animals too.
  • Santa’s Pack - Attach a large sack, preferably with a drawstring, to the sweater and fill it with wrapped boxes, candy canes and ribbons spilling out.
  • Be the Tree - Instead of just decorating your sweater as a Christmas tree, also wear a decorated tree skirt and a star headband to top it off.
  • Hung by the Chimney with Care - Secure a stocking to your sweater and fill with overflowing gifts and candy.
  • Send Christmas Cheer - Find the ugliest Christmas family photo card you can find and use it as your sweater theme. Bonus points if all of you are wearing Christmas sweaters in the photo.
  • Create a Christmas Stamp - Create a sweater based on a favorite holiday stamp. Consider creating an envelope that opens and closes with extra flaps of material for added fun.
  • Poinsettia Power - They’re big, red, floppy and easy to find fake ones at a craft store this time of year. Use a combination of sizes and some gold glitter to create a powerful statement.
  • Not a Creature Was Stirring - Decorate your sweater with a cute Christmas mouse carrying off presents or Christmas treats
Laura Jackson is a freelance writer based in Hilton Head, S.C., with her husband and two teenagers.