Holidays from A-Z November 22 2016

Thank you to Phoenix Magazine for featuring in their December issue, which highlights everything you can do in Arizona from A - Z this holiday season.  

Adding to our list of fun Holiday Running 5K, 10K and more! Turns out, there's even more thigs to do while wearing your UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER!!!

As in: How many can you run? December is prime time for Arizona pavement hounds, with 5K, 10K and long-distance races almost every day of the month. Here are our picks in several categories:

Fun Run
AZ Santa Run 2016 on December 10
Dress up like Santa and run/walk the 5K course or 1-mile fun run through Victory Lane Sports Park in Glendale. The $65 registration fee ($35 for children 12 and younger) includes a swag bag with a complete Santa suit. Proceeds benefit Arizona Knowledge, Empowerment and Advocacy Group, a nonprofit founded to help the parents of special-needs kids navigate state support programs.

Angels on Patrol on December 3
Proceeds from this 5K run/walk in Tempe benefit the namesake organization, which provides food, shelter, clothing and other assistance to needy families referred to them by Valley police officers. $30 registration.

Hope Conquers All on December 3
Kick off the December race season with this 5K/10K race at Arizona Falls in the Arcadia area of east Phoenix. Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. $45 for the 10K; $25 for the 5K.

Long Distance
McDowell Mountain Frenzy Trail
Runs on December 3
The Valley race season is replete with marathon and half-marathon road races. For something unique, sign up for a trail race at McDowell Mountain, staged at distances ranging from 5 to 50 miles. Includes a charity beer garden programmed by the Valley’s Huss Brewing Co.

Wild Card
Midnight Madness Run
on December 31
Want to brag that you did the Valley’s first 5K of 2017? Getting blasted on rum and Cokes at your neighbor’s block party holds little appeal? Ring in 2017 on your Nikes with the 27th running of this midnight race series, with one race before New Year’s and one after, and a sparkling cider toast in between. Starts at Rose Mofford Park in west Phoenix.

Make Your Own Buddy the Elf Spirit Clausometer November 24 2015

It's the real Santa! Tis the season for Believing and now you can build your own Clausometer like the one used in the film "Elf".  Check out this amazing step by step DIY from Matsutake

Remember in the movie Elf when Papa Elf showed Buddy how Santa's sleigh works? Well, yesterday I was thinking how my Christmas spirit was rising, and then I thought, "Hmm, I wonder if I could make a Clausometer..."

DIY Buddy the Elf Clausometer

Inspired by my lack of a plan for how to pull this off, I opened the package and discovered that the back of the clock pops right off.


Now what? The arms! Pop the arms off!


And I acquired alphabet stickers. Lots of them. Because there are lots of Os on the face of the Clausometer. And cut a circle out of new, thick cardstock.


I sort of laid it all out to get an idea of where the holes for the lights were going to go. Oh, yeah, the lights. I had string of 10 incandescent battery operated lights just sitting there waiting for a purpose. I had to cannibalize another string of colored lights to get 6 orange and 2 red bulbs (the yellow ones are just clear bulbs).


I figured where the holes would go and drilled right through the clock, which is plastic, so the drill went right through. First I used a small drill bit, then I went back with a larger bit to make holes big enough for the light bulbs.


Then I slipped the cardstock circle out of the clock again to decorate it. I used my daughter's watercolors and a sharpie and then carefully stuck on all the stickers.


Then I put the newly decorated face into the clock right over the old face, flipped the clock over, and pushed the lights through the holes. I secured all the lights and wires with electrical tape. Then I put the glass and front cover back on.

I love that it's battery powered so there's no electrical cord hanging off of it. I've been carrying it around since yesterday trying to decide where to put it. The mantle?


In the kitchen? Where would you put it? I've been seeing lots of great Elf inspired quote posters on pinterest that would look so cute with it. Next year I think I'll remake the whole thing with a huge, fancy metal clock, and it'll go over the fireplace.

Hahaha, on a side note, my husband just caught me singing and said, "Look! The Clausometer is going up!"


Stand Up to Cancer SU2C Campaign November 20 2013

Stand Up to Cancer Kicks Off Annual Ugly Sweater Campaign

Receiving an ugly sweater from your auntie can definitely be a bummer, but you can turn that unwanted gift into something worthwhile by participating in the Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) annual “Ugly Sweater” Holiday Campaign, which kicks off today, Nov. 20.

For the second year in a row, SU2C is asking holiday goers to proudly rock their garish holiday-themed sweaters to raise funds for innovative cancer research. There are two ways to participate in the SU2C “Ugly Sweater” Holiday Campaign, both of which are easy and fun.

The first way to participate in the campaign is to create a free “Ugly Sweater” fundraising page and run a “Sweater-A-Thon”. For this fundraiser idea, participants reach out to friends and family requesting a donation for each day that they “dare to wear” an ugly holiday-themed sweater. “Ugly Sweater” participants can also upload photos to share a special “Ugly Sweater” e-card and send the card to friends and family to spread the word about their “Sweater-A-Thon”.

The second way to participate in the campaign is to throw an “Ugly Sweater” party. Party hosts can easily utilize custom SU2C Ugly Sweater Party invitations, provided byEvite, and also use the site for complete party planning. Party guests are urged to wear their own ugly holiday-themed sweaters and donate to the SU2C “Ugly Sweater” Holiday Campaign.

Whether you choose to participate directly in the campaign or not, you can help raise awareness for the SU2C fundraiser by sharing and liking the ugly sweaters posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and using the hashtag #uglysweater. All proceeds from SU2C’s “Ugly Sweater” Holiday Campaign will go to funding research. For more information about SU2C and its cancer research efforts, please visit Stand Up To Cancer.