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To Dress the Pets, or Not Dress the Pets

 I'm not huge on the idea of dressing animals up, but found it irresistible when I stumbled upon an Ugly Christmas Sweater for my dog!  I know, it goes against all rules of dressing animals (Human Code: Volume 8675309, Chapter 1, Article 9 "Thou shall not adorn a dog that weighs over 20 lbs. in any type of garment, nor paint their nails"). So what's your stance? Is there an exception to the rule, or should it become standard that if you're going to wear an Ugly and overly tacky Christmas sweater during the holidays, so too shall your pet?  I'm voting for dog ugly Christmas sweaters this year.   (Co-Owner, Brian with "Jake" the boxer - our official mascot for the 2012...

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