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Do you have everything you need for the 2016 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Season? 
Another round of pub crawls, office parties, fundraisers and good ole' fashion house parties! 
Regardless of how tacky and overly festive some may think these Christmas sweaters are, we love them and celebrate every inch of their cotton, wool or synthetic marvel - we want you to relish in their repetitive use of green, red and white with ingrown bells that sometimes ring in tune. 
Whether you don your gay apparel with traditional icons like Santa, reindeer and Christmas trees, or bask in modern favorites like  kittens, unproportionate sized choo-choo trains and other things just make us say, "huh?" We have the tacky, ugly and festive sweaters for you!

We are "Team Ugly" - just a few buddies that love to have a great time. While we've definitely hosted our fair share of UGLY Christmas Sweater Parties, we've become better known for our huge inventory of the ugliest Christmas sweaters.  
We pride ourselves by offering the biggest selection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters at the best prices! That's not all...we love interacting with our customers, so please be sure to "Like" us on Facebook and "Follow" us on Twitter, and keep a look out for our contests, giveaways and events throughout the holiday season.

Quite a few firms have had some nice things to say about us and have kept in touch with us as the tradition of Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties has grown into an annual favorite! Take a look:


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Thank you for helping UglyChristmasSweaterParty.com grow as the popularity of this holiday tradition increases. 
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Cheers, Merry Christmas and Thank You for shopping at UglyChristmasSweaterParty.com! 
Brian, Adam & Kevin

The history of ugly Christmas sweaters

Hey wait! Who was that you on The Tonight Show talking about Ugly Christmas Sweaters? Yep...that was us.
Tonight Show Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Back when we first started the Ugly Sweater trend, Academy Award winner, Bill Geist of CBS Sunday Morning came out to interview Team Ugly to learn what these tacky and festive sweater parties were all about.  We gave him a lesson on Ugly Sweaters and things began to take off!