Team Ugly Visits Fox and Friends to Discuss the Ugly Sweater Trends December 13 2015

Team Ugly and Owner and Co-Founder visited with the Fox News Fox and Friends News Anchors to discuss the latest trends in vintage and new ugly Christmas sweaters, including the officially licensed NFL team themed tacky holiday garb. Tucker Carlson sported the Pittsburgh Steelers, Clayton Morris rocked a New England Patriots sweater and Anna Kooiman went the vintage route with our favorite "Ryan Treecrest" ugly sweater.
Enjoy the clip!

Ugly Sweater Swap December 11 2015

Ugly Sweater Swap

We are so excited to officially announce the launch of "Ugly Sweater Swap".

Sign up to be the first members of this amazingly ugly and fun club!  The idea is simple:  Everyone loves their new and vintage ugly holiday sweaters, but let's face it, sometimes you don't want to wear the same sweater year after year, or to multiple parties each season.

Be the first to learn about Ugly Sweater Swap

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There's a solution!  Ugly Sweater Swap allows you to trade or sell your sweater with somebody that's also willing to part ways (trade) or purchase your gently worn sweater.

Sign up today and we'll contact you when we're ready to launch in 2016!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas. Wear Ugly. 

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Raises Funds for Family in Need December 04 2015

There's so much good that comes from these ugly combinations of wool, synthetic acrylic cotton, and so much more.  Happy to see these sweater parties benefiting a family in need in the Kansas City area. Great work by the crew over at

KC Sweater Party 11th Annual Tradition

Get Ugly with Uber December 04 2015

Request uberSWEATERS Between 11am and 2pm to Receive a Free Ugly Christmas Sweater and Uber Donate One on Your Behalf!

uberSweaters 12 Days of Christmas Free Ugly Christmas Sweater

Get ready for your next holiday party and request a free sweater! In the spirit of giving, for every sweater that’s delivered, we’ll also donate a sweater to the Salvation Army to help those in need this winter.


  1. Open your app today between 11am and 2pm
  2. Slide to SWEATERS at the bottom of your screen
  3. Request a free Christmas sweater and Uber will deliver one to your pickup location*
  4. For every sweater requested, one will be donated to a local Salvation Army homeless shelter

*When you request uberSWEATERS, you will not be charged a fare. Please note that demand will be high and availability is limited. Only one sweater per request.

To make an additional donation to the Salvation Army, click here.

What Not to Do at the Company Holiday Party December 01 2015

The good folks over at Fast Company have some advice of what NOT to do at this year's company holiday party.  Take notes.  In other words, just wear your ugly sweater - show off some photos of the kids/pets, talk about food/travel, not politics or religion, and take the heavy drinking to the after party pub down the street!

Happy Holidays!

Starbucks Gift Card Black Friday 2015 November 27 2015

Back by popular demand, the Black Friday "Fill Up on Us" promotion is live!
It's really simple - open the image below (bar code) and hold it up to pay at Starbucks today.
Take a break from all of the hectic shopping, and enjoy a Starbucks treat on us.  In the past, some of our generous friends and customers have even added a few dollars to the card, which really kicks off the Season of Giving - so it's up to you!  Have a great day and remember what this season is all about.
Starbucks Gift Card Free Black Friday from Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Team
Starbucks Gift Card Black Friday 2015

Want to be on a Times Square Billboard November 24 2015

Team Ugly is over the top excited to partner with Fiverr this holiday in an effort to put your beautiful face and your way ugly sweater on this Times Square Billboard!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Times Square Billboard New York

It’s that time of year again – Ugly Holiday Sweater time! It’s well known how popular these festive fashion statements have become. So, we decided to turn the craze into a global online party!

The only real downside to ugly sweaters? The itchiness. But we’ve come up with a solution – an online #SweaterParty.

Illustration is one our biggest sub-categories on Fiverr, and we’ve hand-picked dozens of sellers from around the world to create custom Holiday Sweater Cartoons for your friends, family, and of course – yourself. This campaign also highlights some of the incredibly creative people here on Fiverr – just a taste of the enormous talent found on our marketplace.

Perhaps the coolest part is that starting next week, we’ll showcase our favorites on a digital billboard in the heart of New York City – Times Square!

This is a fun and global experience that anyone can participate in, and each cartoon is as unique as you are. There’s enough drama around the holidays, and #SweaterParty offers a simple way to share the joy.

Joining Fiverr’s #SweaterParty is simple:
1) Visit
2) Select your style and purchase
3) Share your image on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SweaterParty and YOU could be featured on our Times Square billboard!

We’ll also be displaying the images on a dynamic gallery here, so be sure to check that out, too!

To help get you in the mood, have a look at the merry samples below:

#SweaterParty Collage

Like what you see? Then get in on the fun and join the #SweaterParty now!

- See more at:

Make Your Own Buddy the Elf Spirit Clausometer November 24 2015

It's the real Santa! Tis the season for Believing and now you can build your own Clausometer like the one used in the film "Elf".  Check out this amazing step by step DIY from Matsutake

Remember in the movie Elf when Papa Elf showed Buddy how Santa's sleigh works? Well, yesterday I was thinking how my Christmas spirit was rising, and then I thought, "Hmm, I wonder if I could make a Clausometer..."

DIY Buddy the Elf Clausometer

Inspired by my lack of a plan for how to pull this off, I opened the package and discovered that the back of the clock pops right off.


Now what? The arms! Pop the arms off!


And I acquired alphabet stickers. Lots of them. Because there are lots of Os on the face of the Clausometer. And cut a circle out of new, thick cardstock.


I sort of laid it all out to get an idea of where the holes for the lights were going to go. Oh, yeah, the lights. I had string of 10 incandescent battery operated lights just sitting there waiting for a purpose. I had to cannibalize another string of colored lights to get 6 orange and 2 red bulbs (the yellow ones are just clear bulbs).


I figured where the holes would go and drilled right through the clock, which is plastic, so the drill went right through. First I used a small drill bit, then I went back with a larger bit to make holes big enough for the light bulbs.


Then I slipped the cardstock circle out of the clock again to decorate it. I used my daughter's watercolors and a sharpie and then carefully stuck on all the stickers.


Then I put the newly decorated face into the clock right over the old face, flipped the clock over, and pushed the lights through the holes. I secured all the lights and wires with electrical tape. Then I put the glass and front cover back on.

I love that it's battery powered so there's no electrical cord hanging off of it. I've been carrying it around since yesterday trying to decide where to put it. The mantle?


In the kitchen? Where would you put it? I've been seeing lots of great Elf inspired quote posters on pinterest that would look so cute with it. Next year I think I'll remake the whole thing with a huge, fancy metal clock, and it'll go over the fireplace.

Hahaha, on a side note, my husband just caught me singing and said, "Look! The Clausometer is going up!"


Buddy the Elf Tattoo November 20 2015

Just going to leave this one here for you to make your own opinion. Somebody has this tattoo. 

Buddy the Elf Tattoo Christmas Tattoo is Crazy

The History of Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Part 1 November 20 2015

Authored by Allison Berry for Time Inc.

The ugly Christmas sweater has become a ubiquitous feature of the holiday season, on par with grumbling about Black Friday or wrestling with the Christmas lights.  These tacky garments are now being re-appropriated from their perpetual spot in the wardrobe of great-aunt Edna or your third grade social studies teacher.  Telltale signs of the ugly sweater are liberal use of red and green, comically large depictions of snowmen, reindeer, and Christmas trees, and any sort of pom-pom or felt applique.

Though the sweater as a garment has existed in the U.S. since the late 19thcentury, hideous holiday versions only began to sprout up in the last several decades.  Bill Cosby was a modern-day pioneer of the trend and is revered as an ugly sweater icon.  As Cliff Huxtable on his eponymous ‘80s sitcom, the family man’s uniform of choice was a wooly pullover with questionable color mixing and patterns.  Thanks to Cosby, as well as Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, these sweaters experienced a resurgence until their popularity faded as the ‘90s began.

(MORE: The Rise of the Ugly Christmas Sweater)

But in the past decade, the trend has picked up steam once more.  According to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On, there was a noticeable uptick in ugly sweater parties around 2001, and the tradition snowballed from there.  Now the tops are bigger than ever, but in a very hipstery, oh-so-ironic way.  Vintage stores, the Salvation Army, and Goodwill are reaping the benefits of this craze, but the trend has reached as far as fast-fashion shops like H&M and high-end retailers such as Nordstrom.

Those who unwittingly started the trend are now back in on the action, as people of all ages are feeling the ugly-sweater fever.  With the rise of sweater-themed parties, guests young and old are rushing to top each other with the most frills, bows, and gauche decorations yet.  Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon has created a segment called “The 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters.”  There is a parody of MTV’s teen documentary series entitled True Life: I Love Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  How long until President Obama dons one to go along with his dad jeans?

Outside of pop culture, the sweaters’ current popularity can also be linked to trends on the runway.  Fair Isle knits have been popular this season, as well as tribal prints; both feature bold graphic patterns in the same vein as some of the holiday pullovers – those on the tamer side, at least.

And the enthusiasm is not limited to U.S. borders.  Christmas jumpers — that’s sweaters to non-Anglophiles — are simultaneously beloved and reviled in the U.K. as well.  In an infamous scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary, Colin Firth wears a cringe-inducing Christmas sweater that his mother gave him to a holiday party, which puts a (slight) damper on the otherwise dashing character.

Whether or not it constitutes a fashion faux pas, the ugly Christmas sweater rouses an undeniably warm and fuzzy feeling as it conjures up memories of home and childhood.  It’s also quite cozy and practical in chilly winter weather.  After all, holidays are often fraught with anxiety about the financial drain of gift-giving and the copious amounts of family interaction.  What better way to de-stress than to throw on an obnoxious sweater and have a laugh?

Brian Miller Founder of Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Website and Ecommerce Business

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day 2015 will be held on Saturday December 19

What makes a sweater ugly - Festive Christmas Jumper

Target Takes Heat for O.C.D (Obsessive Christmas Disorder) Sweater November 13 2015

"OCD is a real disease not a joke."

Posted by TIME on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

BuzzFeed Announces Holiday Cookie Swap - Fun Holiday Family Ideas November 13 2015

Because food is the best part of any celebration.

Posted by BuzzFeed Food on Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas Sweater Party Hacks - Picking Wine November 15 2014

Our friends over at The Washington Post had a fantastic clip on how to select wines for your holiday party; enjoy!

Buzz, Your Girlfriend Woof! Make A Home Alone GIF November 05 2014

There's an app for that! Did you know that you can take your favorite scene from Home Alone - Kevin finds a picture in Buzz room of his girlfriend and says, "Buzz Your Girlfriend, Woof!" 

Now you can insert a picture of your friend, co-worker, family member, etc.

Little known fact - the real image used in Home Alone was not a girl, but the son of the films Art Director.  John Hughes felt it would be mean to actually cast a girl for the role, so they found a boy willing to dress up!

Seven Facts You Didn't Know About Home Alone (from WetPaint)

Kevin's Little Brother Was Played By Macaulay's In Real Life Little Brother

Kieran Culkin, who eventually became a movie star in his own right, played Kevin's Pepsi-chugging little brother, Fuller. Kieran went on to star in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Igby Goes Down, andThe Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.

Originally, the Whole House Was Supposed to Be Evil

Unfortunately, they ran out of money before they could make a sentient house, according to AMC. They had to settle for just the evil furnace, which taunted Kevin with a "Ha ha ha. Hello, Kevin."

The Movie Kevin Uses to Fake Out the Pizza Guy Isn’t Real

That film that Kevin watches on TV in that infamous movie dialogue scene? It's a fake movie! It's called Angels With Filthy Souls, a parody of the 1938 gangster movie Angels with Filthy Faces. The fake movie scenes were shot on cardboard sets before filming for the rest of Home Alone began.

Robert De Niro Turned Down a Role

Joe Pesci played one of the crooks hunting Kevin, but originally, his Goodfellas co-star Robert De Niro was offered one of Home Alone's baddie roles. He turned it down, according to AMC. Too bad — he never got a piece of that.

People Used Home Alone as Proof Elvis Was Alive

We're sure you're aware of the ol' "Elvis is alive" conspiracy, but did you know that those who believe the King never died love the film Home Alone? Some Elvis devotees say that an extra standing behind Kevin's mom at the airport as a dead ringer for the Hound Dog singer.

The Talkboy Started Out as a Home Alone 2 Prop

'90s kids remember the Talkboy, ahandheld tape recorder that distorts the pitch of the user's voice. Kevin had one in Home Alone 2, but at the time the film was written, it wasn't a real-world product! The real tape recorder became available due to popular demand after kids saw Kevin using his sweet piece of cutting-edge technology.

Christmas 2014 Countdown - Kevin McCallister Says 49 Days Until Christmas November 05 2014


Some of our Favorite Home Alone / Kevin McCallister Quotes:

You can mess with a lot of things, but you can't mess with kids on Christmas. - Kevin McCallister

Suck brick kid! - Marv

It's a nice night for a neck injury. - Kevin McCallister

Hey, hey, easy on the fluids pal. The rubber sheets are packed. - Uncle Frank

Acey said 10%. - Snakes

I'm gonna give you to the count of 10, to get your ugly, yella, no-good keister off my property, - Gangster Johnny



Clark Griswold Says 54 Days Until Christmas 2014! October 31 2014

Have a fun and safe Halloween! We'll all wake up tomorrow to November 1, which means the world officially kicks things into high gear with the 2014 Holiday Season!

We certainly have our favorite faces of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays - Clark Griswold.  We're happy to name him our official unofficial Christmas 2014 Countdown Captain...

How Many Days Until Christmas 2014? October 21 2014

Baby it's Cold Outside! So let the 2014 Christmas Countdown Begin!

Be sure to share with your family and friends, and come back for special offers on our entire collection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters 

Christmas Countdown

Give Us a Review! September 20 2014

Feedback is critical to any business, and we love to hear from our satisfied customers just as much as we like to learn where we can make improvements.  Every customer is encouraged to review our business; from the quality of our customer service, the speed of delivery, quality of sweaters, etc. 

If you have a Gmail / Google + account, it's quick and easy to write a review on our Google Business Page.

Facebook Page for Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Many of you reach out to us directly via social media, so please continue to share the great things on Facebook/Instagram and Twitter!


Countdown to Christmas 2014 - 20 Fridays Left August 22 2014

What? Can you believe how fast time is flying by this year?

Buddy the Elf puts it best...did you know? Only 20 Fridays left until Christmas!!!

Buddy the Elf Christmas Countdown 2014 Will Farrell Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas on Pinterest June 27 2014

We'd love for you to Pin the ugliest sweaters that you find on our site! And don't forget to follow us as we share fun party ideas, ugly sweater pictures and just a ton of hilarious stuff with all of our Pinterest Pals!

Visit Ugly Christmas Sweaters's profile on Pinterest.

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day 2014 June 19 2014

*** UPDATE ***

Our friends at National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day have informed us that the date for 2014 has changed.  This year, the official day will be 12/12/14 December 12, 2014.


Tell your friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers that on Friday, December 12 you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD WEAR AN UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER !! The tackier, fuglier, over the top gaudier the better. 

Have fun!!!


Can you believe that we're half way to Christmas 2014? 

Ugly Christmas Sweater Logo National Day is December 19 2014

We're excited to partner with the fun team over at National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day as they've built a huge following around the idea that we should ALL wear Ugliest and Tackiest new, vintage or just borrowed from your Grandma's closet SWEATERS!

This year, the National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day will fall on Friday, December 19 2014, so be sure to share the news with your friends, mates, pals and family.  We're excited to offer a variety of options, so shop around and share your pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+


Team Ugly

Lloyd Christmas wears an Ugly Christmas Sweater in Scene from Dumb and Dumber May 23 2014

People always ask us, "how did you start an Ugly Christmas sweater business?" and while the running joke is that we just wanted extra money to buy matching go-carts, perhaps it all goes back the the Jim Carrey classic "Dumb and Dumber" - this movie was on repeat in our dorm room and likely the scene where Lloyd daydreams about returning the missing briefcase and joins his new found friends was subconsciously making an impact...Also, the fact that Lloyd Christmas has a scene wearing an Ugly Christmas sweater is mind blowing! 

Ugliest Christmas Sweater in NFL History May 09 2014

Coming in Fall 2014, just in time for the NFL season to kickoff, we're excited to offer Ugly Christmas Sweaters with the top NFL football teams.  Here's a quick look at the Green Bay Packers ugly sweater - 

Green Bay Packers Ugly Christmas Sweater

NFL Ugly Christmas Sweaters Green Bay Packers

Here are the designs for a few of the other teams we're offering this season!

Buy the ugly NFL team of your dreams!


Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Ugly Christmas Sweater

Indianapolis Colts Ugly Christmas Sweater

Colts NFL Ugly Tacky Christmas Sweater

New York Giants Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Seattle Seahawks Christmas Sweater

Buy Seattle Seahawks Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Where to buy Denver Broncos - Pittsburgh Steelers - Seattle Seahawks - Green Bay Packers - Chicago Bears Ugly Christmas Sweaters? Right Here!


The NFL Ugly Christmas Sweaters are making headlines all over, so be sure to pre-order today!

Bleacher Report says "Get Ready!"

CBS Sports wants to know where Johnny Football gets his ugly gear

Here is a clip from ESPN Pardon the Interruption - showcasing the Arizona Cardinals and Cincinnati Bengals sweaters.



Hoppy Easter - Creepy Easter Bunny Pic April 20 2014

Well, sometimes waiting in line for two hours just to get your picture taken with a mythological character is totally worth it, and then again most times it's not.

To all of those that braved long lines over the holiday, we're sure you can relate.  For those that said, "two hours? F - that!" you're smarter than the average bear, congrats.

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Easter and Passover with your family and friends!

We're digging through our collection to find some great pastel ugly Easter sweaters, so until then, enjoy this great pic. Poor girl.

Easter Bunny Epic Fail Creepy Bunny Scared Kid

Ugly Sweater Party Ideas: Gluten Free Options December 16 2013

Who said an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party needs gluten? Preparing for our upcoming chat with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, I realized we have something in common, we're both gluten free - so to help anyone else out there that happens to be looking for a few GF holiday meals, I wanted to provide a few great resources:

Host a Holiday Party on a Budget December 10 2013

Holiday party ideas on a budget

It’s time to celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

No matter what your style, you can throw a winter celebration that fits. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Here are some ideas.

Game night

* Play two truths and a lie, holiday edition. Talk about two awesome or awful gifts you’ve actually received and include a third that you never got. The goal is to see if your friends can figure out the two you actually received.

* Play Christmas Minute to Win It. The idea of the game, based on the NBC television show, is to create quick but challenging activities for one another — like building a pyramid out of 28 green Solo cups so it looks like a Christmas tree, or use empty wrapping paper tubes as a straw to pick up and transport ping pong balls — all in just one minute. You can compete as teams or one-on-one. Minute to Win It is a fun way to get laughs out of everyone. And it keeps everyone busy.

* Play charades based on Christmas carols. Act out a specific song and see who can guess which one it is

New Year’s Eve parties

* Play games similar to the ones above but with New Year’s themes. Count down the hours until midnight by coming up with activities, writing them on small pieces of paper and placing the suggestions inside balloons. Inflate the balloons and then pop a balloon once every hour and complete the activity inside.

Ugly sweater party

This gives everyone has a chance to be creative and see what others come up with.

You could either purchase a new sweate, knit one if you’re handy with yarn, or you could buy a cheap, plain sweater and then add to it. You might attach battery operated lights, tinsel and/or ornaments. Consider trying to make your sweater look like a tree or reindeer. Remember, the tackier, the better.

Gift swaps

To plan a Secret Santa party, you’ll need a bit of time. Start organizing soon. Get your group of friends together and draw names. During the week leading up to the party, have everyone find discreet ways to deliver their gifts without the other person knowing. You might opt to give one another smaller gifts throughout the week.

You will want to set minimum and maximum spending amounts and a specific number of gifts to give each other.

This will lead to lots of excitement leading up to the party, where the biggest gifts will be given. Each person will be anxious to figure out who drew his or her name. Have some other party games ready to keep the fun going.

If Secret Santa isn’t the route you want to take, consider a white elephant or new gift exchange. If you go with a white elephant, have everyone find items they no longer want. These can be gag gifts that are for laughs. Or, have everyone bring a store-bought gift.

Either way, put the gifts in a pile, and take turns picking and opening their gifts. People can opt to steal presents or to open new ones.

By Paige Plummer
December 09. 2013 10:05PM

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party - Vegas Baby! December 27, 2013 December 07 2013

We're going to Vegas Baby!

If you're out and about, or just looking for a great excuse for a night/weekend getaway, you should come out to the Blue Chip Casino, Spa and Hotel on Friday December 27, 2013!  Miller Lite, Vegas Baby Nightclub and the Blue Chip Casino will be hosting their Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and will have tons of great specials, prizes and guaranteed Ugly but good times!

When: Friday, December 27th

Time: 10:00PM - Midnight

Where: Vegas Baby! Nightclub (located at Blue Chip Casino)

777 Blue Chip Drive - Michigan City, IN

For event details and location, visit


A Six Second Tour of or Warehouse December 05 2013

Over 8,000 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Here's a quick peak inside the walls of our somewhat organized "warehouse" - we call it a warehouse or shop or shoppe when we're feeling fancy, but really its just an open space filled with racks and racks and racks that hold all of our vintage, tacky, 80's sometimes 90's and even worse sometimes 70's style Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

Walk up and down the isles of racks and you're likely to get into the festive mood (even in July).


What Does Christmas Mean to You? December 03 2013

What's the best part about the holidays?

Cutting down your own Christmas tree

Hanging up lights and looking at old ornaments

Watching classics - cracking up with Cousin Eddie yells "The shitter's full, Clark!"

Making snowmen - throwing snowballs at ....stuff.


What else?

Top Christmas Movies of All Time December 03 2013

How the Grinch Made a Lot of Green

It's often debated around this time of year - what is the best Christmas movie of all time?

Everyone has their favorite, and often times for their own personal reasons; we're not going to try to sway you towards one classic holiday flick over the next, however you might find the following a bit interesting...seems the Grinch stole Christmas and the greenbacks in your wallet!

So tell us, what are you favorites? Do you like the classics, like It's a Wonderful Life or more of the modern touch like Elf - the smart move for your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is to make a nice mix of them all - here are some ideas!

Rank Title (click to view) Studio Lifetime Gross /Theaters Opening / Theaters Date
1 How the Grinch Stole Christmas Uni. $260,044,825 3,256 $55,082,330 3,127 11/17/00
2 The Polar Express WB $183,373,735 3,650 $23,323,463 3,650 11/10/04
3 Elf NL $173,398,518 3,381 $31,113,501 3,337 11/7/03
4 The Santa Clause BV $144,833,357 2,388 $19,321,992 2,183 11/11/94
5 The Santa Clause 2 BV $139,236,327 3,352 $29,008,696 3,350 11/1/02
6 A Christmas Carol (2009) BV $137,855,863 3,683 $30,051,075 3,683 11/6/09
7 Four Christmases WB (NL) $120,146,040 3,540 $31,069,826 3,310 11/26/08
8 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause BV $84,500,122 3,458 $19,504,038 3,458 11/3/06
9 Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas BV $75,082,668 1,671 $191,232 2 10/15/93
10 Christmas with the Kranks SonR $73,780,539 3,416 $21,570,867 3,393 11/24/04

Sweaters Delivered by Amazon Drones? December 02 2013

Is this the future of Ugly Christmas Sweater delivery?


After watching that incredible interview with Jeff Bazos (Founder and CEO of on 60 Minutes last night (Sunday, December 1, 2013) I had visions of sugar plums dancing through my head and Ugly Christmas Sweaters being delivered via Amazon drones! How awesome would that be? Too creepy? He mentioned that 80% of their orders weigh under 5 pounds, which is about 2 or 3 Ugly Sweaters; sounds like the average order to me!


Here's a link to the interview. Enjoy!

Swiss Miss Loves Ugly Christmas Sweaters November 25 2013

Things are pretty sweet when @SwissMiss tweets about your Ugly Christmas Sweaters :)

Follow SwissMiss on Twitter here:


You can find her videos from SXSW here:

Visit the Swiss Miss Blog here:


Ugly Sweater Party Invites November 21 2013

Ideas for Ugly, Bad, Tacky Sweater Jumper Party Invites

We hear from tons of fans and customers about party invitations, and we may have to add this to our product list in 2014.

For now, check out a few great resources from some awesome and creative folks online.  THE INTERNET IS AMAZING!


Stand Up to Cancer SU2C Campaign November 20 2013

Stand Up to Cancer Kicks Off Annual Ugly Sweater Campaign

Receiving an ugly sweater from your auntie can definitely be a bummer, but you can turn that unwanted gift into something worthwhile by participating in the Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) annual “Ugly Sweater” Holiday Campaign, which kicks off today, Nov. 20.

For the second year in a row, SU2C is asking holiday goers to proudly rock their garish holiday-themed sweaters to raise funds for innovative cancer research. There are two ways to participate in the SU2C “Ugly Sweater” Holiday Campaign, both of which are easy and fun.

The first way to participate in the campaign is to create a free “Ugly Sweater” fundraising page and run a “Sweater-A-Thon”. For this fundraiser idea, participants reach out to friends and family requesting a donation for each day that they “dare to wear” an ugly holiday-themed sweater. “Ugly Sweater” participants can also upload photos to share a special “Ugly Sweater” e-card and send the card to friends and family to spread the word about their “Sweater-A-Thon”.

The second way to participate in the campaign is to throw an “Ugly Sweater” party. Party hosts can easily utilize custom SU2C Ugly Sweater Party invitations, provided byEvite, and also use the site for complete party planning. Party guests are urged to wear their own ugly holiday-themed sweaters and donate to the SU2C “Ugly Sweater” Holiday Campaign.

Whether you choose to participate directly in the campaign or not, you can help raise awareness for the SU2C fundraiser by sharing and liking the ugly sweaters posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and using the hashtag #uglysweater. All proceeds from SU2C’s “Ugly Sweater” Holiday Campaign will go to funding research. For more information about SU2C and its cancer research efforts, please visit Stand Up To Cancer.

Reading Royals Ugly Christmas Hockey Sweaters November 20 2013

It's not a jersey! It's a hockey sweater - an Ugly Hockey Sweater!

Have you seen the awesome and tacky ugly Christmas Sweaters The ECHL's Reading Royals will wear? They will be worn on Dec. 14 for their game against the Elmira Jackals. Along with their annual Teddy Bear Toss, they'll be sporting these lovely jerseys, designed like your typical holiday sweater. The game-worn versions will available for purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis and individually autographed.


Jingle Balls - Or Bells - Ad Gains Attention November 20 2013

Funny Christmas Ad by Kmart Kicks Off the 2013 Season

Have you watched this ad from Kmart? Pretty funny stuff, and if you're not quite ready for the holidays to kick off; then perhaps you should wait and watch this video at a later point in time.  Kudos to the team that came up with this gem, but "Ship Your Pants" is still better.  Get ready for a ton of holiday shopping ads!!!  

If silk boxers don't exactly ring as the perfect gift, may we suggest where to buy an Ugly Christmas Sweater instead? 


Gift Card Exchange Ideas November 18 2013


Are you looking for the best and possibly ugliest gift card idea? You've come to the right place! 

We're excited to announce that we now offer Ugly Christmas Sweater Gift Cards in values ranging from $10.00 up to $100.00.

Perfect for an office or family gift card exchange party, or perhaps you know somebody that has been talking about buying an ugly Christmas sweater for a while, and you want to help make that happen! A perfect solution if you're not sure what size they wear or what their definition of ugly really means!

Buy Ugly Christmas Sweater Gift Cards here

Simply select the value for your gift card via the drop down box, and checkout! That's it! You will receive an email with direction on how to: 

  • Make purchases with your gift card
  • Use your card more than once
  • Use more than one gift card for a purchase
  • Check your gift card balance
  • Use gift cards in conjunction with other discount codes

81% of Americans will buy at least one gift card during the holidays - make sure you're giving the Ugly gift card that keeps on giving!!

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul Wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters November 08 2013


Who's the biggest fan of Ugly Christmas Sweaters? Well, one could make the argument that Blake Griffin - who is 6 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs in at 215 pounds - would likely be a top candidate! This video of Blake and Chris Paul - teammate on the L.A. Clippers, shows just how much they love the spectacle, the marvel and grimace of tacky and festive holiday sweaters!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest - November 7, 2013 November 07 2013


Well another year of our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater contest has already started causing all sorts of crazy hilarity with our friends and fans.  Here are some of the best names we could come up with for our contest on November 7, 2013 -

Liked · November 7 

Ahhh, here it is! Today's grand prize - Name It to Win It it's the perfect size....ugliness wise. Share, Pin, Tweet and comment below.

November Name It to Win It Contest November 01 2013

One of the best contest you can become a part of is the annual "Name It to Win It' contest that we run over at our Facebook page!  Our fans and customers are presented with one of our contest winning Ugly Christmas Sweaters and the challenge is to give the sweater the funniest name.

Here's an example of some of the recent Ugly Christmas Sweater contests! Enjoy and Have Fun!



When Will My Ugly Christmas Sweater Arrive? October 29 2013


We know one of the first questions you'll have is "how long does it take to ship my Ugly Christmas Sweater?", so we've put together this nifty and very basic overview of what shipping options you have.

Remember, we offer free shipping for all orders within the USA if you purchase two sweaters or more!


Priority Mail is our standard shipping method, your order will arrive within 3-4 business days, but often times quicker!

Express Mail is an upgrade option at checkout.  Your Tacky Christmas Sweater will appear on your doorstep (or wherever you want) within 1-2 business days. Express shipping starts at $35.00 and increases based on the number of items in your order.

International is offered for all of our friends across the globe that want to get their share of the Ugly Sweater action.  We do offer discounted international rates for our customers in Canada, and a full list of prices for global shipping may be found on the SHIPPING page.

Cheers! We're excited to ship out your ugly goods, vintage and brand new!!


Where to buy Ugly Christmas Sweaters? Shop our entire catalog of festive, tacky, crazy ugly goodness here!



Do Ugly Sweaters Grow on Vines? October 25 2013

Where do Ugly Christmas Sweaters come from? 
That is a question we hear all of the time, and while we're not 100% sure where exactly they started, we've been testing different methods to grow our inventory in 2013. 

Turns out...there's an app for that!  If you haven't checked out Vine, be sure to download it to your smartphone.

It's incredible! We just point the Vine app at our mannequin, and poof! Magic! Vine grows an Ugly Christmas Sweater!


Find Ugly Christmas Sweater Prizes and Discount Codes at

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Things Got Ugly on Fox & Friends June 03 2013


Well, it's officially become another holiday tradition, as "Team Ugly", Adam, Kevin and myself made our fourth consecutive appearance on Fox & Friends this weekend, but with a twist - things got ugly LIVE in their New York studios! This was our first time visiting their NYC studios, as we have traditionally just done a satellite feed from Chicago, so it was up close, in person and even more UGLY!

There's nothing more exciting this time of year than to see hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe come to view the Christmas decorations and lights in New York City!  The highlight was seeing the Christmas tree lit up at 30 Rockefeller Plaza - simply amazing! Certainly motivated us to make this season of ugly Christmas sweaters the best yet!

If you missed our segment, be sure to check out the replay below, as we were honored to help kick off the StandUp2Cancer (SU2C) new campaign called "Hey Cancer It's Gonna Get Ugly!" - Not only are we excited to announce and promote the campaign, but we've also decided to participate and set the goal to raise $10,000 this December! 

You can learn more and participate in our fundraising drive, by visiting our dedicated page and join "Team Ugly" 

Pin Like You Mean It May 28 2013

We receive thousands of emails and comments from our fans asking for different Ugly Christmas Sweater Party ideas, and while we like to think of ourselves as the "experts of ugly" we are way outnumbered by the brilliant and creative people on Pinterest.  That being said, we invite you follow and re-pin some of the tacky, fun, and uber ugly boards that we hope you'll find helpful for your party planning needs!
Cheers! (PS there are 210 days until Christmas 2013)

2012 Recap & 4th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party December 30 2012

Our 4th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was a huge success and a great way to end the 2012 season!  We had such a great turnout - the bar was packed, the bowling lanes were full as hundreds of our friends, family and complete strangers gathered wearing their ugliest and tackiest Christmas sweaters to have a great time and raise money for StandUp2Cancer.  We're proud to say that with the help of over 20 local businesses and all those in attendance, we generated over $800 worth of raffle prizes and over $500 in cash donations!

Thank you so much to all of our customers and business partners that helped make 2012 another record year!  Without you all, we'd just be three guys in a warehouse filled with wool, cotton and synthetic blend materials - THANK YOU!

We wish you all the best in 2013! 


Team Ugly - Adam, Brian & Kevin

We really appreciate the help from our friends and local Crown Point, Indiana businesses that generously provided gifts towards our fundraiser - Thank you very much!

Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant - 

Bar Louie -

Beggars Pizza -

Bronko's -

Buddy & Pals Place -

Buffalo Wild Wings -

Carriage Court Pizza -

Crown Brewing -

Crown Town Grill -

Dunkin Donuts -

Fahrenheit Two-Twelve -

Fricke's Bar - Fricke's

Gelsosomo's Pizza -

Hooters -

Langel's Pizza -

Lucrezia Italian Restaurant -

Main Street Cafe - Main Street Cafe

Pappa's - Pappa's

Schoop's Hamburgers -

Station 21 -

Subway -

What's the Scoop - What's the Scoop


4th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party December 19 2012


We couldn't think of anything better to do on the day the world is supposedly going to end, than to host our 4th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

Every year this gets bigger and better and 2012 should be OVER THE TOP!

If you're in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area, Adam, Kevin and Brian -aka Team Ugly- would love for you to join in on the fun.  Wear your ugliest Christmas sweater and help raise money for some very worthy causes! 

We look forward to seeing you there! Click on the image for details and an invite!

How To: Build the Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Photo Booth December 10 2012


Hi! I am Rachel, a huge fan of ugly sweaters and parties, and I am excited to be a guest blogger today for Team Ugly! 

This is me, wearing my sweater from Ugly Christmas Sweater Party + showing off my autographed copy of their book. Yup, huge fan!

My husband Troy and I just hosted our 2nd annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party last weekend, and I am here to share how I made this DIY photo booth. It was the perfect addition to our party this year!

  • Friend(s) with cool tools: Jigsaw, Electric Screwdriver, Staple Gun, Screws
  • Large piece of plywood
  • Two (2) large picture frames
  • Wrapping paper
  • Wood glue
  • Adhesive glue
  • Mod podge (opt)
  • Random holiday decorations

1. Start with your large piece of plywood. Mine is about 6 feet by 4 feet. Cut 2 skinny pieces of wood down to 6 feet, and screwed into the long edges of the plywood for support.

2. Next, we positioned the frames on the wood and traced the inside edge with a pencil. Then we cut along the pencil marks with a jigsaw. That was the hardest part, and the part where we were laughing the most. I had a 16x20 and an 11x14 frame on hand. The 11x14 was a bit snug for taking pictures, but it was free so we made it work.

3. After our frame openings worked with our frames, we were ready to cover the wood with wrapping paper. I would totally recommend using the cellophane type that doesn't rip easily. But all I had was the paper kind, so that's what we used. We used spray adhesive to adhere it to the wood.

4. Once our paper was on, we cut an X shape where the frames go, and folded and taped the excess paper to the back.

5. Then it was time to attach the frames. We glued them into place with wood glue, on the front. Once that was dry, we flipped the plywood over, and screwed the frames in.

6. After all of that, I applied a layer of mod podge to coat the wrapping paper. I'd like to use this again next year, so hopefully that will help preserve it.

7. For the decorations, I stapled a garland around the top edge. Then I added a string of colored lights (because colored lights are the bomb). I had some yarn wrapped ornaments, knit covered ornaments, and felted wool ornaments, that I added to the garland, with twisty ties. Below, I taped some tinsel and stapled my knitted stockings!

Ta da! You are ready for your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! Our friends used their smartphones to take pictures, and I also had my camera near by for anyone who wanted to use it. 

Come check out my other Ugly Christmas Sweater Party details... from my hot glue snowflakes, to my pom pom trees, to my ugly sweater wood blocks. You can also find my 2012 recap, and 2011 recap for lots more ideas!


I have an Ugly Sweater Pinterest Board, and would love to connect with you around the web! Find me here...

USA Today - Pop Candy Blog December 09 2012


A special thanks to our friends over at USA Today and the Pop Candy Blog's guest writer Eric Greenburg for the shout out this week!

To be mentioned in the same blog that highlights both Ben Savage and Jimmy Fallon - two of my favorite excuses for watching TV - it just doesn't seem like it can get much better :D

Eric's blog Just My Show is pretty awesome and features some of our great retro gems worth celebrating!

Nobody needs an intro to our pal Jimmy Fallon, but how about a reminder to check out his annual "12 Days of Ugly Christmas Sweaters" - gee Jimmy...if only WE knew who gave your writers that idea (hint, hint, hint).

For more, follow Eric on Twitter at - Jimmy Fallon at and of course, USA Today at